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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Tips to Plan a Family Vacation at the Beach

☀ Before you plan the destination, ask everyone in the family what they’re looking forward to. If it’s just the beach, your job becomes simpler. If not, list down what everyone says and make sure they get it. You don’t want anyone to be sad during a vacation.

☀ Most hotels don’t charge money for kids aged 10 and less. Make sure you finalize on one of these hotels. Booking a separate room for kids will not only add to your staying expenses, but also not ensure your child’s complete safety.

☀ If you have children that need supervision, avoid parts of the beach with rip tides and strong currents. Make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty all the time and that the area is patrolled regularly.

☀ Don’t plan this vacation during the hurricane season. If you don’t have an option, take extra precautions before you plan your trip.

☀ Look for beaches that offer more than just water sports. State parks are a good option here since they have multiple activities.

☀ Managing a lot of people is not easy. Hence, plan as much as you can in advance. Have all your dining, shopping, and visiting options listed a week before you travel.

☀ Use the Internet to your advantage and search for resorts all over the country. Most resorts offer multiple forms of entertainment in addition of activities at the beach. This ensures that there is something for everyone.

☀ Since you’re traveling with family, you already have a group. This way, you can avail great group discounts and offers. From booking your tickets to your hotel rooms, everything can be done under group bookings.

☀ Keep in mind the traveling distance. If seniors are going to be a part of this vacation, you don’t want to tire them with long-distance travel. Going to a destination close-by also reduces your traveling expenses.

☀ No matter what you do, this trip is going to a little expensive considering that the number of people who are traveling is huge. Thus, try looking for as many discount options and offers as possible.

Simple traveling tips can make tasks on a stressful planning checklist easy and simple. Use these tips to plan your family beach vacation and you’ll be relieved of all tensions during and after your trip.

Tropical Beaches for Next Vacation

1. Bora Bora, Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia
With a land area of less than 15.6 sq mi, this enchanting tropical island can be covered entirely in just one trip. Though the island is famous for its luxurious resorts and expensive holidays, travelers can find cheaper accommodation options too. In 2013, Travel + Leisure readers, voted Bora Bora as the most romantic island in the world. A quiet, relaxed atmosphere with intimate beaches, over-the-water bungalows on motus, and the much-needed seclusion, this island happens to be the most seductive of the lot.

2. Pink Sand Beaches at Harbor Island, The Bahamas
This small island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. More so, it is famous for its beaches on the east side, all of which are blessed with pink sand. With less than 2,000 inhabitants, the island has an unbelievably laid-back attitude, making it an awesome destination for tourists seeking relaxation. Stroll down the streets and gaze upon awe-inspiring Georgian architecture. You can reach this island by air (North Eleuthera Airport), and then by a short water-taxi trip.

3. Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
If you want to enjoy your tropical beach vacation in the company of thousands, this is your best bet; the Hanauma Nature Reserve draws more than three thousand visitors every day. The bay itself is said to be a 36,000-year-old volcanic crater. Snorkelers and swimmers take special pleasure in the sheltered bay, and are greeted every now and then by several colorful tropical fish. Note that the bay is closed on all Tuesdays to allow fish feeding with no interruption. During summers, the Bay is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and during winters, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

4. Palm Beach, Aruba
Unlike many Caribbean Islands, Aruba has some of the most spectacular beaches. You can explore exotic Aruban buildings and go golfing at some of the most spectacular golf courses ever. Palm Beach is idyllic for you and the family. Along with the obvious water sports, it has shopping malls, movie complexes, and an upbeat nightlife. Those looking for a holiday with a pinch of glamor―Aruba is the place for you. Apart from renowned, high-rise luxury hotels, you will also find condos on rent.

5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Few people get the chance to travel to the unspoiled, unmarred, breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha. Also, tourists need to pay an Environmental Preservation Tax, which is decided on the duration of your stay. Being a small part of a volcanic archipelago, Fernando de Noronha boasts of towering rock sculptures, natural swimming pools, pristine waterfalls, and exquisite white beaches that are snuggled amongst jagged caves and cliffs. The most beautiful beaches are Praia do Sancho, Praia dos Porcos, and Praia do Leão. Also, the island is one of the biggest sea bird breeding colonies in the South Atlantic.

6. Tulum, Mexico
Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches greet visitors to this exotic paradise. The ancient Mayan ruins that tower over the beaches are one of the most mesmerizing sites in the world. Sunbathers and swimmers will be swept off their feet with the beauty of the beaches here. Today, it is the third-most-visited archaeological site in the country. Due to its close proximity to Cancún, the sitesees an increasing number of tourists every year.

Style Beach Wedding Dresses

A wedding at the beach has become a statement of sort in the recent past. Many couples are opting to have their nuptials at a beach side instead of traditional locations. If the same is true for your wedding, then you need to be dressed to match the beauty of the occasion. Beach wedding dresses with a Greek influence can be perfect answers because not only do they provide the classic look that a wedding demands, but also give you that desired feeling of lightness and an angel like appearance. Most Greek style wedding dresses are designed in such a manner that they achieve a very Goddess like look which can be absolutely stunning. As a bride, there are many different designs and options that you can try out. We give you some of the most beautiful design options.

One Shouldered Dress
A classic style for a Grecian wedding dress is a one shouldered wedding gown with an empire waist that then drops down into a skirt that flows to form a long skirt with a circular trail. If you would rather opt for a dress that is slightly more form-fitting, then you could opt for a body hugging skirt instead of a flowing one. You could have a single layer of sheer Georgette over the skirt to give it a feeling of lightness.

Empire Column Gown
A popular option among Greek style wedding dresses is the column style of the sheath style. You could do well by opting for a column style wedding gown with an empire waist and a strapless top. If you want, you could opt for a long flowing skirt or go with a ruched and pleated structured look that can be a more modernistic option for a wedding gown that takes from Greek elements.

Cowl Neck Gown
Another great design for a wedding dress would be a full length gown with a cowl neck. A twist to this could be to keep the neckline simple and give the back a deep cowl neck look. Allow the top to gather up at the waist and let the pleats fall asymmetrically for a Greek Goddess look that could be hard to top. If you are looking for something slightly less structured, then you could add a long trail to the gown made entirely of tulle.

Halter Gown
This style is a slightly modern take on traditional Greek style. Opt for a heavily embroidered corset top with a halter neck that instead of tying up in the back is attached to skirt with a single column of fabric. Allow the skirt to be made of a free-flowing fabric. This creates for a stunning look that can be just what you need for your wedding.

Ideas for Unique Beach Wedding

Fabulous Beach Wedding Ideas

To get started on some unique beach wedding ideas, you’ll first need to decide what part of the wedding is happening by the shore. Are you exchanging vows only and then moving on to a rented-out hall? Or are you doing it the traditional way in the church and then making your way to the beach for the reception? Once you decide what you want, the arrangements should then follow.

Hawaiian Theme
Have people wear semi-formal outfits with women sporting summery dresses, and men in formal shirts and linen pants. You could have volunteers at the beach entrance place garlands or a crown of flowers, on guests before they enter. The music can be Hawaiian inspired with hula dancers off to one side. You could also have your reception there too, if you decide to do the ceremony at the beach, since that would seem like the perfect way to complete your wedding day. You could have drinks like Mai Tais and Piña Coladas, not to mention a lavish spread of seafood and tropical eats.

Bonfire Theme
Why do receptions have to be all formal and traditional? You can step out of the mediocre way of doing things and try something new like a barbecue set up to one side, with a raging bonfire where your guests can gather around with their drinks and marshmallow skewers. Everyone’s relaxed, having fun and taking in the sights and sounds during sundown. Have a band perform for you, or a DJ whipping up some tracks to get your guests in the mood. Have games like ‘limbo’ to spice up your night with more fun and fervor.

Masquerade Theme
This may seem weird at first, but have your guests dress up in their best but sporting a fancy mask to complete their look (these masks can be handed to guests, being easily available in stores). You don’t have to choose a sandy surrounding for this theme, but a place next to the beach where you have the view and an open area to enjoy your wedding celebrations; how about a beach house? Try to experiment with very phantom of the opera type themes to throw in some contrast to your wedding.

Beach Shack Theme
To rid your mind of all things serious and too complicated to organize right down to a tee, why not just invite your guests to a dining shack next to the beach that is both accommodating and highly rated? Rent out the area and have the staff cater only to you and your guests on this one day where all the attention should ideally be focused on you and your partner. The environment is chilled out, your guests have no worries about what to wear, and the place is set up the way you’d like considering the color theme and decorations you’re going with (think pastel shades, tropical flowers/fruits, and marine-esque elements as centerpieces).