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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Vacation Spots for Kids

You can make the most of a vacation either by planning a family trip or by sending your child with a group of kids to a scenic destination. Take your child’s opinion while planning a vacation trip for them. For your reference, here are some vacation spots which have been acknowledged by travel buffs worldwide, if you are planning to go for a holiday.

New York
New York is undoubtedly one of the finest cities in the world in all aspects. Whether you are a United States citizen or not, do visit this city at least once in your life. This city of tall buildings will offer you each and everything which you want in a vacation spot – luxurious shopping malls, nice locations, games for kids entertainment, a peaceful environment, posh hotels and much more. This is a city which never sleeps and welcomes people from various nations, to spend some quality time. New York is indeed an ideal vacation spot for kids and for a family holiday.

Mexico is a place which has all qualities of being a perfect “holiday destination”. Enjoy Mexico which has a mind-blowing scenery, rocking nightlife and places of historical importance and have a rich cultural heritage. You will hopefully like the spicy Mexican dishes, which are loved by millions of people.

The beautiful and scenic Hawaii islands in the Pacific Ocean are a center of attention for many travelers in the world. Hawaii is famous for its beaches and volcanoes and will be a surprise fun package for your kids.

Spending a holiday in London has always been an unforgettable experience for people who have visited this city. Plan a London trip for your child and be very sure that this will be a lifetime experience for him.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the entertainment and glamor capital of the entire world. Enjoy the fashion shows and pleasant atmosphere of this city.

Disney World
Your child will jump with joy the moment you declare your plans for a holiday in the Disney World. Innumerable families come to this place which is full of entertainment and fun with their kids. Disney World is the pride of the United States due to this reason.

Visiting these places for a prolonged period can be expensive. But, you will always cherish the sweet memories associated with these vacations throughout your life.

Romantic Vacation Spots

Every year, couples look for romantic vacation spots for their weekend getaways, yearly holidays, or special occasions such as anniversaries. Good for them, the world is filled with such places. In this Buzzle article, we’ll take a look at the most frequented destinations by couples. People in love, you’ll should visit each of these places, at least once in your lifetime.

Pretty Paris
Paris has been the ultimate romantic destination since time immemorial. It is one of the ten greenest cities in Europe. Apart from the beautiful Eiffel Tower, you can visit places such as Place Vendôme, Place de la Concorde, The Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Jardin du Luxembourg, Canal Saint-Martin, and Notre Dame de.

Mediterranean Madness
Cruising the Mediterranean islands is perhaps one of the most romantic journeys. You can choose from over 100 islands belonging to different countries. Together, you can explore few of the most wonderful cultures in the world. Mediterranean cruises are laid-back, with breathtaking views and magical surroundings. Some of the best islands in the Mediterranean, that deserve a visit, are Sicily (Italy), Sardinia (Italy), Cyprus (Cyprus), Corsica (France), Majorca (Spain), Rhodes (Greece), Ibiza (Spain), and Tenedos (Turkey).

Exotic Egypt
Egypt is again one of the most exotic destinations on the face of this earth. The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are monuments that can take your breath away. There are some beautiful mosques in Egypt, that attract a lot of tourists every year. Some of the must-see locations and monuments here are the coastline of Alexandria (Egypt’s second largest city), the Suez Canal Bridge, and the White Desert.

Romantic Rome
Rome has possibly everything to offer for a romantic stay. It has some world famous art, which you can explore in museums such as the Vatican Museums, Musei Capitolini, and the Galleria Borghese. For couples who are interested in history, it has the wonderful sites such as the Colosseum and Pantheon. For women who can shop till they drop, Rome is also the fourth-most-crucial center for fashion globally. The fountains in this city are breathtakingly beautiful, while the villas are a perfect holiday home.

Hot Hawaii
One of the best romantic destinations in the U.S., there is a lot you can do on these islands. There are the beautiful beaches with amazing tranquility. These beaches are meant for relaxation, away from the rest of the world. There are rain forests where you can go hiking; the colors you get to see here will surprise you. You can also see some active volcanoes through helicopter rides. There are some museums for art lovers as well.

These destinations are the perfect setting for a romantic holiday. Other such destinations are Manali (India), Amelia Island (considered one of the most romantic locations in Florida), Istanbul (Turkey), Maldives, and Ireland.

Places to Swim with Dolphins

Places to Swim with Dolphins


Florida ranks as one of the top places to swim with dolphins in mainland US. Some of the places that come with stellar recommendations include –

  • Discovery Cove, Orlando
  • Dolphin Explorer, Marco Island
  • Dolphin Research Center, Marathon


Being a cluster of islands, there is no dearth of marine-related activities here in Hawaii. Dolphin Quest lagoon in Oahu is the place to be, when you are in Hawaii. The lagoon is home to several bottlenose dolphins, and offers an interactive and educational experience for the whole family.

The Bahamas

Over to the Atlantic now, as the Bahamas are next on our list. Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis Resort is a marine habitat which lets you interact with dolphins, spend time with the trainers, and go on deep sea excursions as well.


California, without a doubt, is one of the best places to see dolphins in their natural habitat. You’ll find a lot of bottlenose dolphins here on the Pacific coast, where there are several theme parks dedicated to marine activities. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo and SeaWorld in San Diego are popular destinations for those looking for some fun times with dolphins.


Cancun is a tourist hotspot along the Pacific coast. Seemingly, it also caters to a huge number of marine adventure enthusiasts. Come to the Dolphinaris in Cancun for a close encounter with dolphins, as you learn about their behavior, habitat, and adaptations.

Points to Remember

  • Swimming with dolphins can be a pleasurable and fun-filled activity for humans, but you always need to exercise caution while interacting with these beautiful creatures.
  • Follow the instructions given to you at all times, and ensure that your behavior does not agitate or upset the animals.
  • You can also avail a tour that allows you to swim with the dolphins in the wild. However, you need to be careful during such expeditions, and follow all the rules relating to safety.

Swimming with dolphins will be an amazing memory to cherish, and you’ll find yourself going back again and again to relive that experience. Just make sure that you follow all the safety regulations, and respect the dolphins’ space as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and plan your scintillating adventure!

The Place to Watch The Whales in The World

Best Places for Whale Watching

Whale spotting is an important consideration whenever you go for a whale watching tour or adventure. Many times, even if the time and season are apt, you may not be able to spot a whale easily. But these places enlisted below have a good success rate when it comes to whale spotting. Some of these places are home to the whales all year round. The places mentioned below are, however, not in an ascending or descending order of the best, but they simply are a compilation of the best locations in the world to spot whales.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod in Massachusetts, located in the Atlantic, is surrounded by beautiful beaches on three sides. This makes it the best place to have the most enthralling whale watching experience! These Atlantic waters are home for finback, minke, and humpback whales. Moreover, Cape Cod Bay has a 99% success rate when it comes to whale spotting! You can view these huge dwellers of blue spyhopping, sounding, or breaching. Most tours take you through the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, which is the favorite feeding ground of these whales.

Los Cabos, Mexico

The amazing climate of Los Cabos in Mexico is enough to attract tourists all year round. However, there is also another attraction that draws tourists, which is the huge humpback whales that migrate from the cold waters of Alaska and Siberia towards Los Cabos. These whales migrate over 6,000 miles to dwell in the warm waters of the sea of Cortez and Baja California. Gray whales mostly are seen in the shallow lagoons of San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre, and Magdalena Bay. These splendid creatures of the marine arrive just as the tourist season hits an all-time high, which is during the months of January through April. You will see whales mating, nursing, and playing with their young ones!

Azores, Portugal

The nine Portugal islands that make up Azores, located in the middle of Atlantic ocean, is an isolated location, but have abundance of fish species that whales love to dine on. There are more than 20 species of dolphins and whales that can be spotted here. Specially, the sperm whale and short-finned pilot whale are more often seen splurging in these waters. Out of the nine volcanic islands, Pico, Sao Jorge, and Faial are some of the best whale watching locations with a good whale-spotting rate. Head here for an ultimate experience of whale watching during the months of April through September. If you get lucky, you might even spot the rare Northern bottlenose whale in Azores!

Maui, Hawaii

Winters call for a warm vacation in the Hawaii for most people. So is the case with the spectacular humpback whales! These creatures migrate towards the warmer waters of Hawaii as winter approaches. Maui, with its tropical beaches, also has clear waters to its advantage. With underwater visibility nearing 100 feet, it is a treat for spectators to watch these marine creatures with much ease and clarity. Maui is like the watering hole for whales in the months of November through April. Whale lovers will also be glad to know that Hawaii has named whales as their official state marine animal!

Quebec, Newfoundland – Canada

Quebec is one of the rare locations in the world where one can spot the great North Atlantic right whale and Beluga. During the months of May through September, marine lovers flock Canada to catch a treasured glimpse of these mammals. Many whale-watching adventures here use inflatable rafts for their journey. This does not disturb the marine giant’s habitat, and you get a spectacular closeup of whales. Newfoundland is also home to some of the varied species of whales, like blue, orca, sperm, pothead, and minke. So, Canada is one of the never-to-be-missed destinations for whale lovers. Hop on a ride to see white beluga whales lift their heads above water, as they swim and breach along the shores!


The cooler waters of the North Atlantic are favorite feeding grounds for most species of whales. The northern waters are perfect for these whales to fatten up, before they migrate to warm waters for mating. There are many whale watching tours to choose from, with fishing vessels redesigned for an amazing whale-watching experience. You will see varied species of whales, like bottlenose, sperm, minke, fin, and also killer whales, which are most commonly seen. Blue and humpback whales are also occasionally seen here. Another interesting fact is that the famous killer whale – ‘Keiko’, commonly known as Willy from the movie series – ‘Free Willy’, was born and caught in Iceland waters!

Hermanus, South Africa

The coastlines of South Africa have whale routes that extend up to 1200 miles from Cape Town to Durban. However, the best place to spot these gentle giants of the marine is Hermanus. Located at the southernmost tip of Africa, it offers one of the best whale-watching adventures, with southern right whales migrating here to feed, mate, and also give birth. Most whales are also seen very close to the shore, which means you need not travel deep in the center to spot them. With beaches designed with benches and other watching equipment, you can easily spot many species of whales enjoying in the shallow and warm waters. An added attraction of Hermanus is the Annual Hermanus Whale Festival that is celebrated in August every year. The best time to spot whales is from May through December, but you might just want to plan a visit in August and be a part of the Whale Festival!

Hervey Bay, Australia

The protected and serene waters of Hervey Bay in Australia make a perfect invite for humpback whales. It is one of the best places to go whale watching from July through October. The clear waters offer a splendid display of huge humpbacks, which migrate from Antarctica, which is their feeding ground, and take a stop at Hervey Bay before heading South. The calm and warm waters of this bay are like home to the humpbacks, which at times, come close to boats and vessels with nothing but curiosity!

Orcas Island, Washington

The San Juan Islands chain, off the coast of Washington, hosts a home for pods of orcas and gray whales. This island is the breeding ground for orcas, also known as killer whales. The extensive coastlines of this island offer plenty of whale watching adventures and breathtaking visuals. If you are a whale lover, this place is a must-visit between April through October. A whale-watching experience here will leave you fascinated and coming back for more.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

For those who want to spot the giant of the marine – Sperm whale, Kaikoura in New Zealand is the apt place to spot them. This small-town island is located in the south and has the perfect balance of warm and cold currents, which makes it highly populated with rich marine food for these mammals to pit stop, and can be seen all year round. Other species of whales, like pilot whales, humpbacks, and orcas are also seen in Kaikoura at different times of the year. This incredible island also hosts some of the smallest and rarest species of dolphins called Hector dolphins and fur seals.


California is one of the best places to see the largest species of whales, which is the gray whale. The area between the Channel islands and Mainland is a rich ground to watch some of the best species of whales all year round. Monterey Bay and the central coast that lies between Point Reyes and Santa Barbara channel is also one of the hot spots to watch the rare minke or fin whale. A spectacular view of huge 40 to 50 feet mammals gliding under water can be seen at San Diego, and at the rate of 8 whales gliding through water per hour! It is one of the favorite stops for whales, before they migrate to the warmer waters in Baja!

Dominica, Caribbean

The Caribbean island of Dominica has deep waters that home the blunt-headed sperm whales and humpback whales. The island, which is also known as the whale watching capital of the Caribbean, has a 90 percent success rate for whale spotting. The best spot for locating sperm whales, orcas, and pygmy whales is between Martinique and Guadeloupe. Most whales can be seen breeding and playing in the waters all yearlong; however, the best time to see these amazing mammals is between November and June.